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Frenemies Media Inc. - Why Make a Kickstarter Card Game AND a Media Company?


Introduction to Frenemies Media Inc.

Frenemies Media Inc. is a dynamic and innovative media & game development company that operates at the intersection of business and fun. With a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire, Frenemies Media Inc. is carving out a niche in the market by creating engaging and captivating content while making everything "business" accessible to all. The company's vision is to be a leading provider of entertainment and media services, delivering high-quality and unique experiences to its audience, while also providing endless entertainment to its audiences through tabletop game development. Frenemies Media Inc. prides itself on its ability to combine business acumen with creativity, resulting in a successful and exciting brand that continues to grow and evolve WHILE still keeping our products and services accessible and easily digestible by all.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a world where business strategy is not just accessible but downright engaging. Through our unique edutainment approach, we're on track to become a leader in media services that provide high-quality, interactive experiences. We envision a future where 'Frenemies Inc.' is synonymous with both fun and learning in the realms of business and strategy.

There are plenty of business news and happenings pretty much everyday around the world - much of which affect an everyday person's life drastically. But most people do not have the education, the required perspective, and oftentimes lack the slightest interest in paying attention to these events. Therefore, they are unable to learn from and ultimately better their own lives from things that happen within the business world - this is why we made Frenemies Media Inc.

In our mission to achieve this vision, we want to reach out directly to consumers (hence a direct-to-consumer card game introducing our awesome recognizable mascots) as well as the formulation of Frenemies Inc. comics that have discussed various topics within the business world!

Why Frenemies Inc.: The Card Game Everyone Can Play and Learn From

Frenemies Media Inc. isn't just about business savvy; it's about creating inclusive fun that doubles as a learning experience. Our card game, Frenemies Inc., brings players to a modern-day "Monopoly" - allowing them to create their own company and ultimately build an empire, as well as bankrupting their opponents (or friends!) along the way.

Casual Fun with a Twist of Learning

Whether you're a seasoned business professional or simply a casual player eager to learn, "Frenemies Inc." is designed to be picked up and played by anyone. Frenemies Inc. is a 2 to 5 player card game that can be learned by anyone, with the typical length of each game session ranging from 30 minutes all the way to hours! No two sessions are ever the same as there are so many different twists and turns that a single game can have. It's not just about profits and portfolios; it's about making memories with friends and family in your journey!

Your Gateway to "Business" Things

Alongside our engaging card game, our media platform serves up bite-sized business wisdom in a way that's relatable and easy to digest. By blending "casual card game fun" with "everyday business", we appeal to those curious about the business world but turned off by its complexity.

With "Frenemies Inc.," we transform daunting economic concepts into approachable challenges that you can tackle between laughter and strategic moves. This approach targets keywords such as "educational family card game" and "business basics through play," ensuring we reach a diverse audience searching for a unique blend of education and entertainment.

Bringing Business to the Living Room

Our mission is to bring the boardroom into the living room, making the game enjoyable for "casual gamers" and "aspiring entrepreneurs" alike. By crafting content with terms like "family-friendly business game" and "strategy game for all ages," we ensure that our message resonates with a wide spectrum of interests.

At the heart of Frenemies Media Inc. is the desire to make business principles universally appealing through play. We craft our content to rank well for terms such as "casual educational card game" and "business game for everyone," capturing the attention of both casual gamers and those looking to dip their toes into the world of business strategy.

Why Make a Card Game AND a Media Platform?

At Frenemies Media Inc., we are driven by the innovative idea that education and enjoyment do not have to be mutually exclusive – particularly when it comes to the complex world of business strategy. So, why a card game and a media platform? The answer lies in our commitment to accessibility and engagement.

The Power of Play in Learning

This business card game is our handshake to the world of strategy and business. In a society where the mention of business often evokes images of stoic boardrooms and dense jargon, we're flipping the script. Frenemies Inc. the card game is a bridge to understanding the fundamentals of business tactics, negotiations, and economics in an interactive, captivating format. It transforms abstract concepts into tangible, playful experiences, making learning intuitive and memorable.

Reaching Minds Where They Wander

Our media platform, on the other hand, extends our handshake into a conversation. It serves as a compendium of content that ranges from the informative to the whimsical, from deep-dives into industry trends to lighthearted satires on corporate life. It’s here that we foster a community, encourage dialogue, and share insights. The platform isn’t just about keeping our audience informed; it’s about keeping them intrigued, involved, and inspired.

Synergy Between Entertainment and Education

By integrating a business card game with a media platform, we create a synergy that allows for an immersive educational experience. The card game introduces players to the principles, while the media platform offers them a deeper understanding of these concepts in real-world scenarios. This dual approach not only reinforces learning but also ensures that our audience can see the real-time application of the strategies they've played out in the game.

A Unified Brand Experience

Our card game and media platform are two sides of the same coin – one that pays in the currency of knowledge and entertainment. Together, they embody our ethos of making business fun and accessible. They also allow us to create a cohesive brand experience where our mascots, storytelling, and educational content create a universe that's rich and engaging. Through this multifaceted approach, we aim to become a staple in both leisure and learning environments, from living rooms to classrooms, and everywhere in between.

In conclusion, Frenemies Media Inc.'s card game and media platform are not just products; they are potent tools that work in concert to demystify the world of business. They break down barriers to learning and invite people from all walks of life to join the conversation and the fun. That's the vision we're committed to, and we’re thrilled to share this adventure with our community.

Now on Kickstarter

With the clock ticking, the excitement at Frenemies Media Inc. is overflowing— our casual yet insightful card game, "Frenemies Inc.," is live on Kickstarter and available for just 20 more days! This is your chance to be part of something special, to join a community of learners, gamers, and future moguls who are all discovering the thrill of business through play. Whether you're looking for a way to spice up game night or eager to find a fun pathway to business fundamentals, Frenemies Inc. is your answer. Don't miss out on exclusive Kickstarter rewards and the opportunity to be among the first to bring the boardroom battle to your table. Back us on Kickstarter today, and let's turn the world of business into your playground.

Our Early-Bird Rewards are almost out - get yours now!

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