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About Us

Meet Jeffrey and Picard:

Two ambitious individuals with a shared passion for business, startups, and a good card game. Both of us, having dived deep into the realms of finance, markets, and the bustling world of startups, had a dream - to create a card game that brought the frenetic energy of the corporate world into the palms of your hands. Not just any card game, though; we wanted to encapsulate the sheer madness, the unexpected turns, and the absolute joy of getting things right in business. And of course, it had to be chaotically fun.

We're not just trying to build a card game! Our long-term vision for the Frenemies Inc. brand is for it to shape into a media and entertainment platform where our mission is to reshape how users engage with news and current events. We're on a quest to transform mundane headlines into engaging narratives, replacing long-winded articles with punchy, sometimes satirical, comics that not only inform but entertain. We believe that staying updated shouldn't be a chore, but a delight.

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